Doubled up

Doubled up

Architect Jennifer Bradley and Creative Director Wendy Dixon have joined forces to create Stay Evil Kids, a conceptual art and product design studio. We catch up with the two designers to find out more about their new venture, which has already seen the release of two incredibly beautiful collections of mirrors.

How did an architect and a creative director end up making mirrors together?
I met Jen at her wedding reception. I then did some work for her on her other business, Damn Good Looking, and there was a great fit. [WD]
We both worked alone on own respective businesses and it seemed like a great idea to work with someone for a change. Also, as we come from very different realms of the design world, bringing those skills together was a no-brainer. [JB]

Black Magick

What are the different skills you each bring to the party?
Jen is an architect and with that comes her brilliant and practical brain. Without her, none of our mirrors would probably even stand up. I drive her crazy by thinking up the most complicated and terrifying mirror designs and then she has to work out how to make them. [WD]

That said, Wendy is amazing at the branding and communications side of things. While we both have very different skills, part of what has been so much fun is the overlap, where we both work together on whatever it is that needs designing at that point. [JB]

Why mirrors?
Mirror as a material is really interesting to us. It’s a functional product that is in everybody’s homes. We want to take something that has existed in the same way for so long and turn it into art. [WD]



The best thing about working with mirrors?
I love that they are practical and functional, yet so beautiful, too, thanks to their capacity for reflection. I love the odd glimpses and weird angles you get from them. [JB]

And the worst?
Cleaning, packaging and shipping. [JB]

I have to ask – what’s the story behind the name?
Our philosophy is that you need to embrace the bad and go with it, as sometimes good ideas come from bad ones. So Stay Evil Kids is our advice to children everywhere [laughs]! [WD]

Sex on the Beach

You gave great names for your collections, too – first Dirty Mirrors, and now your newly released Death Becomes Her range.
Our new collection is made up of mostly natural stone – granite, marble and quartz, all of which is sourced and reclaimed. Granite is typically used for headstones for graves, which inspired the name Death Becomes Her (from the macabre cult comedy with Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep). Dirty Mirrors came up when we were talking about the things your mirror reflects when you are up to no good; all the things you do when you think you are alone. What if you had a mirror that captured some of that personality and character – what would it look like? [WD]

The best place you’ve seen one of your mirrors?

Last month I was in New York and saw them there. That was definitely a highlight for me. [WD]

Somewhere you’d love to see them?
Back in New York, but this with me there, too. [JB]
In Tom Dixon’s home. And no, he’s not my uncle – I wish. [WD]

A product you’d love to work on one day?
For me it’s lighting, the potential of combining reflections with a light source is too good to resist. [JB]
Whatever it is, it needs to be tiny, easy to make and ship. Made from impossibly solid material and make us lots of money. Anyone got ideas for us? [WD]

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